About this Site

This site hosts some applications for Windows or DOS, most of them are freeware or even Public Domain now. Usually source code and make files are included, the implementation languages are assembly, C and C++.

The HX DOS extender is pretty well known in the DOS world. It has some features quite unique among these kind of products, allowing to run Win32 console and (some) GUI applications on DOS systems.

JWasm is a Masm v6 compatible assembler. It's released under the Sybase Open Watcom Public License 1.0. JWasm can be used for virtually any purpose, unlike Microsoft's free download of current Masm versions, which are for non-commercial use only.

WinInc is a full set of of Win32 - and since v2.0 also Win64 - assembly include files (Masm-style), import libraries and samples. It is Public Domain. It's purpose is to be an alternative for Masm32, which has some funny license restrictions.

h2incX translates C header files to ASM include files (Masm-style). It's way more powerful than similiar tools available. The WinInc include files were generated with this tool.

COMView is a Win32 GUI tool to view, run and test COM (ActiveX, OCX) binaries. It will give an overview of what COM objects are installed on the current computer. One might create instances of these objects, view their type library, edit their properties and run their methods. This is useful for both examining foreign modules as well as testing self-written ones.

ProcWin is another Win32 GUI tool which displays information about currently running processes. With it one might examine all modules used by a process, its memory usage and its threads.

The reason for ExplorerASM coming into existence was more or less to have a simple platform available for running and testing Win32 shell extensions. It's a working clone of the Windows Explorer, however, and since it is supplied with source code, it can be used to write an explorer which has all the features you're missing in the versions supplied with the OS.

Joe is a POP3 mail reader, a Win32 GUI application. It was written at times when fast internet connections were not available for (almost) everyone and it was therefore advantageous to first check the mails on the host, and being able to delete the ones identified as spam right there before downloading them.

httpdASM is a web server (written in ASM), with a fully functional ISAPI interface. In combination with Jasp it supports active contents, since this ISAPI module will provide support for Active Server Pages (ASP).

Jemm is an Expanded Memory Manager (EMM) for DOS, requiring far less resources than any other EMM. It's based on the FreeDOS Emm386, which in turn is based on a project published by "c't magazin fuer computer technik" (a German computer periodical) in 1990.

Some debuggers are also available. debxxf is a set of debuggers intended to debug DPMI applications. It is slightly related to the HX DOS extender, but should also be able to run other DOS extended applications. debug and debugx are - extended - clones of the good old MS-DOS DEBUG command. Finally, CDBA and NTSDA are Windows debuggers ( both 32- and 64-bit ) based on the MS debug engine.

Further tools are HDEdit (hard disk editor), SERegEdt (shell context menu extension to edit the registry), PE (COFF file dumper), VWin32 (displays memory usage on Win9x), S (text mode file viewer and hex editor) and TstSockW (a graphical socket test program in explorer look).

Last Changes

01/10/2014 HDEdit v1.17
10/20/2013 JWasm v2.11
07/31/2013PE v1.24
05/15/2013 WinInc v2.08
08/07/2012 CDBA v0.80
07/15/2012 Jemm v5.78
06/05/2012IDECheck v1.52
08/08/2011 Debug v1.25
02/25/2011COMView v2.9.12
04/09/2010 Joe v1.1.8
11/16/2009 HX v2.16
07/10/2009ProcWin v1.5.1
06/01/2009 S v2.15
03/04/2009 H2IncX v0.99.20
09/27/2008ExcelHost v1.3
09/21/2008RegView v1.3
09/13/2008OCX Containerv1.2.3
09/13/2008ComExeSvr v1.2
09/13/2008ComExeSvr2 v1.2
09/13/2008SimpleServer v1.2
08/30/2008SERegEdt v1.4
07/22/2008 Jasp v0.96
07/21/2008AsmCtrl v2.5.5
07/21/2008httpdASM v0.92
06/23/2008ExplorerASM v1.2.0
05/02/2008ComXDlg v2.7
03/13/2008 HimemX v3.32
01/11/2008 debxxf v2.9.6
01/23/2007VWin32 v1.2
12/10/2006Setmxx v2.0