Program OS Last update File
HXRT, HX DOS Extender Runtime: This is HX's core, contains all files needed to run HX DOS extended apps. This also includes support for running Win32 console applications in plain DOS. DOS Win9x ME NT 2k XP 11/2009 HXRT
(300 kB)
HXGUI, HX DOS Extender GUI Extension: Additional binaries needed to load and run simple Win32 GUI applications with HX. This includes support for SDL, OpenGL and DirectDraw. DOS 11/2009 HXGUI
(375 kB)
HXDEV, HX DOS Extender Developer Support: Additional files needed to create HX DOS extended binaries. Also contains support to debug these binaries with Open Watcom's WD debugger. Source samples are included in ASM (MASM, TASM + NASM), C, Pascal (Delphi, FreePascal + Pascal Pro), Basic (PowerBasic) and Cobol (MF Object Cobol). DOS Win9x ME NT 2k XP 11/2009 HXDEV
(1 MB)
HXDV16, HX DOS Extender 16-bit Developer Support: Additional files to create 16-bit protected-mode binaries. Source samples are included in ASM, C, Pascal and MS Cobol. DOS Win9x ME NT 2k XP 11/2009 HXD16
(250 kB)
HXSRC, HX DOS Extender Source: Included is the source code of HX. Most parts are in Assembler (MASM v6 format). DOS Win9x ME NT 2k XP 11/2009 HXSRC
(1.2 MB)
Program OS Last update File
DEBXXF: DPMI debugger. This is a line-oriented debugger which will NOT support debugging on source code level. But instead it is able to trace an application through mode switches or switching code segment from 32 to 16-bit and vice versa. DOS Win9x ME NT 2k XP 01/2008 DEBXXF296
(190 kB)
DEB16FW: DPMI debugger for 16-bit windows apps, with the same user interface as the DOS versions of the debugger. Is able to step through 16- and 32-bit protected-mode code as well as real-mode code. Win31 Win9x ME 2k XP 01/2008 DEB16FW296
(100 kB)
Program OS Last update File
Jemm: Jemm is a EMM based on FreeDOS Emm386. It has been optimised to use less resources and being faster. It runs with MS-DOS, FreeDOS and DR-DOS. More details. DOS 07/2012 binary (80 kB)
source (250 kB)
HimemX: An improved version of FreeDOS Himem with several bugs fixed and some optimizations implemented. Source included (GPL). DOS 03/2008 HIMEM332
(35 kB)
Debug v1.25: This is a MS-DOS DEBUG clone with some extensions, coming in two versions: DEBUG is the standard debugger for DOS real-mode applications, DEBUGX allows to debug both real-mode DOS and protected-mode DPMI applications. Source is included. More details. DOS Win9x XP 08/2011 DEBUG125
(160 kB)
HDEdit: Simple disk editor. More details. DOS Win9x XP 08/2009 HDEdit115b
(100 kB)
IDEcheck: IDEcheck can be used to measure the speed of IDE hard disk access. It is able to access the IDE controller directly, bypassing DOS and Int 13h. Source is included. More details. DOS Win9x XP 09/2008 IDECHECK
(50 kB)
NTDPMIX: NTDPMIX is a DPMI TSR which improves NTVDM's DPMI implementation. Might be useful for native DOS-extended applications. Source is included. XP 09/2008 NTDPMIX
(14 kB)
ComXDlg: Very simple terminal program. Allows communication thru COM ports. This app runs in flat protected mode as a 32-bit DPMI client. Source code is included. DOS Win9x XP 05/2008 COMXDLG
(35 kB)
Some small tools which set "unusual" text mode resolutions:
  • SETM34: 80x34 with 14 pixel font on any VGA compatible card
  • SETM60: 80x60 with 8 pixel font on any VGA compatible card
  • SETM37: 100x37 with 16 pixel font on all VESA VGA cards supporting VESA mode 0x102 (800x600x4)
  • SETM48: 128x48 with 16 pixel font on all VESA VGA cards supporting VESA mode 0x104 (1024x768x4)
DOS Win9x 12/2006 SETMXX
Share: This is a version of FreeDOS Share which has a bug fixed making it impossible to run MS Office applications under Windows 3.1. This version of Share runs with FreeDOS only. DOS 08/2006 SHARE
(20 kB)
KeybGr: German keyboard driver which just requires 0x150 bytes. DOS Win9x ME 09/2006 keybgr
JKeybGr: Another German keyboard driver which needs 0x30 bytes DOS memory. Works with Jemm only. DOS 06/2007 jkeybgr
DosIdle: Small tool to detect idle state in DOS. Useful if DOS runs in a virtual environment and causing a very high CPU load. Source is included. DOS 04/2007 DosIdle
RxDOS: Masm v6 version of the DOS kernel written by Mike Podanoffsky. It's the source only, you'll need JWasm/Masm and OW's WLink + WMake to create the binary. DOS 02/2009 RxDOSsrc
CuteMouse v2.1b4: This is the version of CuteMouse converted to Masm/JWasm syntax. DOS 08/2010 ctm21b4
Program OS Last update File
ZDOOM (HX compatible): This version of ZDOOM V2.0.98 (Win32) may work with HX. It is slightly modified and contains the binary (ZDOOM.EXE) and the modified source modules, all other zdoom modules are missing and must be downloaded from the zdoom home page. DOS 03/2006 ZDOOM98
(1.2 MB)