WinInc ODBC Sample


A WinInc sample reading a database with ODBC. The content is then displayed on the console screen.

Source Code

;*** sample for accessing a (MS Access) database with ODBC
;*** this is a Win32 console application

;*** 1. connect to driver/data source
;*** 2. prepare SQL-Statement "SELECT A1,A2..."
;*** 3. do BindCol for attributes 1 and 2 (name and sector)
;*** 4. execute SQL statement
;*** 5. get result rows with SQLFetch
;*** 6. transfer to OEM charset, then print results
;*** 7. disconnect

        .MODEL FLAT, stdcall
        option casemap:none


lf      equ 10

;--- CStr(): macro function to simplify defining a string

CStr macro pszText:REQ
local szText
szText  db pszText,0
    exitm <offset szText>


szConnectionString db "FILEDSN=.\DB1.DSN",0
szUser    db 0
szSQLStatement1 db "SELECT Name,Sector FROM Shares WHERE Name >= 'A'",0


main proc c

local hEnv:dword
local hDBC:dword
local hStmt:dword
local szStr[80]:byte
local szDSN[SQL_MAX_DSN_LENGTH+1]:byte
local szConnection[1024]:byte
local szDescription[256]:byte
local szState[10]:byte
local iLen1:word
local iLen2:word
local cbDSN:word
local cbDescription:word
local iNative:dword
local iMaxBuffer:dword
local rc:dword

    invoke SQLAllocEnv,addr hEnv
    movsx  eax,ax
    invoke printf, CStr(<"SQLAllocEnv()=%d",lf>),eax

    invoke printf, CStr(<"SQLDataSources:",lf>)
    invoke SQLDataSources,hEnv,SQL_FETCH_FIRST,addr szDSN,sizeof szDSN,addr cbDSN,\
                    addr szDescription,sizeof szDescription,addr cbDescription
    movsx  eax,ax

    .while eax == SQL_SUCCESS
       invoke printf, CStr(<"  %s - %s",lf>),addr szDSN,addr szDescription
       invoke SQLDataSources,hEnv,SQL_FETCH_NEXT,addr szDSN,sizeof szDSN,addr cbDSN,\
             addr szDescription,sizeof szDescription,addr cbDescription
       movsx  eax,ax

    invoke SQLAllocConnect,hEnv,addr hDBC
    movsx  eax,ax
    invoke printf, CStr(<"SQLAllocConnect()=%d",lf>),eax

    invoke strlen,addr szConnectionString
    mov    iLen1,ax
    mov    iLen2,sizeof szConnection
    invoke SQLDriverConnect, hDBC, NULL,\
        addr szConnectionString, iLen1,\
        addr szConnection, iLen2, addr iLen2,\
    movsx  eax,ax
    push eax
    invoke printf, CStr(<"SQLDriverConnect()=%d",lf>),eax
    pop eax
    cmp eax, SQL_ERROR
    jz exit1

    invoke SQLAllocStmt,hDBC,addr hStmt
    movsx  eax,ax
    push eax
    invoke printf, CStr(<"SQLAllocStmt()=%d",lf>),eax
    pop eax
    cmp eax, SQL_ERROR
    jz exit2

    invoke strlen,addr szSQLStatement1
    mov    esi,eax
    invoke SQLPrepare,hStmt,addr szSQLStatement1,esi
    movsx  eax,ax
    invoke printf, CStr(<"SQLPrepare()=%d",lf>),eax

    invoke SQLBindCol,hStmt, 1, SQL_C_CHAR, addr szDescription, sizeof szDescription, addr iMaxBuffer
    movsx  eax,ax
    invoke printf, CStr(<"1. SQLBindCol()=%d",lf>),eax

    invoke SQLBindCol,hStmt, 2, SQL_C_CHAR, addr szStr,sizeof szStr, addr iMaxBuffer
    movsx  eax,ax
    invoke printf, CStr(<"2. SQLBindCol()=%d",lf>),eax

    invoke SQLExecute,hStmt
    movsx  eax,ax
    mov    rc,eax
    invoke printf, CStr(<"SQLExecute()=%d",lf>),eax

    .if rc == SQL_ERROR
        invoke SQLGetDiagRec,SQL_HANDLE_STMT, hStmt, 1, addr szState,\
                            addr iNative,addr szDescription,\
                            sizeof szDescription,addr iMaxBuffer
        movsx  eax,ax
        mov rc,eax
        invoke printf, CStr(<"SQLGetDiagRec()=%d",lf>),eax
        .if rc != SQL_ERROR
            invoke printf, CStr(<"%s",lf>),addr szDescription
            invoke printf, CStr(<"Status %s",lf>),addr szState
            invoke printf, CStr(<"Native %d",lf>),iNative
       .if rc == SQL_SUCCESS
           invoke SQLFetch,hStmt
           movsx  eax,ax
           .while eax == SQL_SUCCESS
                invoke CharToOemBuff, addr szDescription, addr szDescription, sizeof szDescription
                invoke CharToOemBuff, addr szStr, addr szStr, sizeof szStr
                invoke printf, CStr(<"  fetched: %s, %s",lf>), addr szDescription, addr szStr
                invoke SQLFetch,hStmt
                movsx  eax,ax

    invoke SQLFreeStmt,hStmt,SQL_DROP
    movsx  eax,ax
    invoke printf, CStr(<"SQLFreeStmt()=%d",lf>),eax
    invoke SQLDisconnect,hDBC
    movsx  eax,ax
    invoke printf, CStr(<"SQLDisconnect()=%d",lf>),eax
    invoke SQLFreeConnect,hDBC
    movsx  eax,ax
    invoke printf, CStr(<"SQLFreeConnect()=%d",lf>),eax

    invoke SQLFreeEnv,hEnv
    movsx  eax,ax
    invoke printf, CStr(<"SQLFreeEnv()=%d",lf>),eax
    xor eax, eax

main endp

    invoke main
    invoke ExitProcess, eax

    end start