WinInc - Masm/JWasm include files for Win32 and Win64

1. About WinInc

WinInc is a set of include files for Masm, JWasm or PoAsm created by h2incx. It contains all includes required to build Win32 and Win64 applications or dlls. If you also have got Open Watcom or PellesC (see the links page where to get it, or just download the most important OW tools from the JWasm page ), there's everything available to create Windows-PE binaries in Assembler.

Be aware that WinInc is intended for people being familiar with the command line interface and experienced in programming (not necessarily Assembler, however). There is also no installer supplied, just a compressed package of directories and files together with a simple README.TXT trying to explain things.

As already mentioned, the WinInc include files were generated by h2incx. As source the C header files from the Microsoft Platform SDK were used. Since the conversion done by h2incx is not perfect, some of the created files had to be slightly adjusted afterwards.

2. Comparison WinInc vs Masm32

WinInc is mostly compatible with the include files supplied with Masm32. The main differences are: Other issues in which WinInc differs from Masm32:

3. Samples

Some simple source samples are included in WinInc, showing the usage:

4. Extensions for WinInc

SDL samples:

5. Discussion and Feedback

Please use the SourceForge "trackers" for WinInc bug reports or feature requests.
For general discussion or questions about WinInc, there is the open discussion forum.


WinInc v2.0805/15/2013 1.4 MB Changelog

WinIncEx v2.001/17/2011 WinIncEx200.zip300 kB
SDL v1.002/27/2007 SDLInc.zip15 kB

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