Debugging with Open Watcom's WDW

1. Prepare for Debugging

To prepare symbolic debugging with Open Watcom's WDW, the assembly source must be assembled with JWasm's -Zi option. Additionally, Open Watcom's linker Wlink or JWlink has to be invoked with switches debug c and option cvp. For 16-bit ( Win16 or DOS ), one may use the old MS OMF linker instead of [J]Wlink to link the binary; it has to be launched with option /CO to create symbolic debug information.

When WDW is launched, it will stop at either main ( for console applications ) or WinMain ( for GUI applications ).

2. Debugging 32-bit Windows

WDW, debugging a 32-bit Windows GUI application:

One may also make WDW stop at the application's true entry point. The simplest way to achieve this is to launch the debugger with commandline option "/I=wdasm".

WDW, lauched with /I=wdasm option, stopping at the applications entry point:

3. Debugging 16-bit Windows

WDW, debugging a 16-bit Windows application:

4. Debugging 16-bit DOS

WDW, debugging a 16-bit DOS application: