How to Use JWasm with MS Visual Studio

Here is an example for an assembly project with Visual Studio using JWasm as assembler.

1. Make JWasm known to Visual Studio

2. Create Project

Create a new project "Test for JWasm", select a "Win32 Console Application" and press "Ok"

(On the next screen, just press "Finish".)

3. Remove the Files which were automatically inserted into the Project

The VS Wizard has created some files, which aren't needed for an assembly project. So just delete them, including the readme.txt:

4. Select JWasm as Custom Build Rule

To add JWasm as a custom build rule right-click the project item and select entry "Custom Build Rules...".

In the dialog which appears enable the JWasm entry.

5. Add the Assembly File to the Project

Now add a new assembly file "test for jwasm.asm" to the project. Enter the text shown below:

6. Build the Binary

Right click on the project name and select "Build".

7. Modify JWasm Commandline Options

By selecting "Properties..." of file "test for jwasm.asm" one can adjust the commandline options which are used when JWasm is invoked.

8. Debugging

Finally, source level debugging in Visual Studio: