JWasm Source Samples

Dos1.asm DOS consolebin "Hello world", DOS COM format
Dos2.asm DOS consolemz/omf"Hello world", real-mode or DPMI16
Dos3.asm DOS consolemz "Hello world", DPMI32
Dos64.asm DOS consolemz Switches to 64-bit and back
OS216.asm OS/2 16 consoleomf "Hello world"
OS232.asm OS/2 32 consoleomf "Hello world"
Win16_1.asm Win16 GUI omf "Hello world"
Win16_2d.asmWin16 dll omf simple dll with 2 exports
Win32_1.asm Win32 consolecoff "Hello world"
Win32_2.asm Win32 consolecoff "Hello world", uses WinInc
Win32_3.asm Win32 GUI coff "Hello world", uses Masm32
Win32_4d.asmWin32 dll coff simple dll with 2 exports
Win32_5.asm Win32 consolebin "Hello world", makes a PE binary without linker
Win32_6.asm Win32 consolecoff demonstrates how to use Unicode
Win32_6w.asmWin32 consolecoff Unicode sample, uses WinInc
Win32Drv.asmWin32 driver coff Windows kernel-mode driver
Win32DrvA.asmWin32 consolecoff loads Win32Drv, the kernel-mode driver
Win32_7.asm Win32 consolecoff shows usage of OPTION DLLIMPORT
Win32_8.asm Win32 consolepe "Hello world"
Win32_8m.asmWin32 GUI pe uses Masm32 includes
Win32Tls.asmWin32 consolecoff shows how to define static TLS
ComDat.asm Win32 consolecoff shows usage of COMDAT sections
Win64_1.asm Win64 GUI win64"Hello world", MessageBox
Win64_2.asm Win64 GUI win64"Hello world", Window
Win64_3.asm Win64 GUI win64"Hello world", with SEH support (Masm comp.)
Win64_3e.asmWin64 GUI win64"Hello world", with SEH support (JWasm only)
Win64_4.asm Win64 consolewin64"Hello world", uses WinInc v2+ (JWasm only)
Win64_5.asm Win64 consolewin64exception handling, uses WinInc v2+ (JWasm only)
Win64_6.asm Win64 consolewin64uses MSVCRT and WinInc v2+ (JWasm only)
Win64_8.asm Win64 GUI pe bitmap rendering sample
Win64_9a.asmWin64 consolewin64to run dll Win64_9d
Win64_9d.asmWin64 dll win64simple dll with 2 exports
WinXX_1.asm Win32/Win64console "bimodal" source (JWasm only)
Linux1.asm Linux 32 consoleelf "Hello world", using syscalls
Linux2.asm Linux 32 consoleelf "Hello world", using libc
ncurs1.asm Linux 32 consoleelf ncurses demonstration
Linux3.asm Linux 32 GUI elf "Hello world", X application
Lin64_1.asm Linux 64 consoleelf64"Hello world", using syscalls
FreeBSD1.asmFreeBSD 32consolebin "Hello world", ELF binary without linker
Mixed116.asmMixed 16 hll calling assembly
Mixed216.asmMixed 16 console assembly calling CRT
Mixed132.asmMixed 32 hll calling assembly
Mixed232.asmMixed 32 console assembly calling CRT
Math1.asm Mixed 32 console Shows how to use FPU and CRT math functions
html2txt.asmMixed 32 console html-to-text converter
masm2htm.asmMixed 32 console masm-to-html converter
bin2inc.asm Mixed 32 console binary-to-include converter
gtk01.asm Mixed 32 GUI "Hello world", GTK+ application