1. About JWasm

JWasm is a free MASM-compatible assembler with these features:

JWasm started as a fork of Open Watcom's Wasm in March 2008. Today, the part of Wasm source lines still contained in JWasm is approximately 20%.

Additional information:

2. User Feedback

JWasm uses SourceForge for user feedback:


Binary Windows

Binary Linux

Binary DOS

JWasm v2.11a 16.11.2013 change log
JWasm v2.12 pre 19.12.2013 change log

List of all JWasm versions available for download

Helper tools

WRC - OW resource compiler v1.9 05/2010 Win32 (binary)
WDW - modified OW Windows debugger v1.9,
may debug Win32, Win16 and DOS apps locally
01/2013 Win32 (binary)
WD - OW DOS debugger v1.9 05/2010 DOS (binary)
PE - PE, COFF, AR dumper;
may dump CV4-CV8 debug info in COFF files
03/15/2013 Win32, DOS (binary)
DumpOmf - OMF dumper 10/27/2013 Win32 (binary & source)
Agner Fog's ObjConv v2.09 -
Object format converter + Disassembler
08/2009 DOS (binary)
MS OMF Linker v5.60 12/1994 Win32, DOS lnk563.exe (MS FTP host) lnk563.exe (MS HTTP)
MS NMake v1.5 1994 Win32 nmake15.exe (MS FTP host)

See also: JWlink, WinInc, h2IncX, CDBA