A. Win32 Apps Compatibility List

  This is a list of Win32 (console) apps successfully tested to run with HX

  Binary         Version Comment
  7z.exe         4       7-Zip packer/unpacker
  Arj32.exe      3.10    file compressor
  Asw.exe        2.9.5   AS (Free Pascal)
  Aspectrum.exe  0.1.8   Another Spectrum emulator (uses Allegro 4.1) [1][3]
  Atari800.exe   2.0.2   Atari 800 emulator
  Bcc32.exe      4.0     Borland C++ compiler
                 5.5.1   C++ compiler of C++ Builder Command Line Tools (free)
  Blobwars.exe   1.02    SDL game by Parallel Realities [1][3]
  Bochs.exe      2.2.6   PC emulator [1][3][8]
  Boyca.exe      0.28    BoyCott Advance/SDL, a GameBoy Advance emulator [3]
  Brc32.exe      5.02    Borland resource compiler 
  Bzip2.exe      1.0.1   pack utility from MSYS 1.0.10 [1]
  CabArc.exe     1.00    MS cabinet file create/view/extract utility
  Cl.exe         8.00    MS VC 1.0, 16-bit C compiler
                 8.00c   MS VC 1.5, 16-bit C compiler
                 8.00.3190a MS VC 1.5, 32-bit C compiler
                 9.10    MS VC 2.0 
                 10.20   MS VC 4.2
                 11.00   MS VC 5
                 12.00   MS VC 6
                 13.00   MS Visual Studio.NET 2002
                 13.10   MS Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 [1]
  Cvtres.exe     5.0     MS linker help tool
  Dao.exe        4.0B    Golden Hawk CD Disc At Once write tool [5]
  Dcc32.exe      15.0    Borland Delphi 7 compiler
  Dosbox.exe     0.65    PC emulator with focus on old DOS games [1][3][6]
  Dmc.exe        8.4     Digital Mars C++ compiler
  Dumpbin.exe    5.12    MS tool to display PE binaries
  Dumplx.exe     2.1     LE/LX file dumper
  Dumppe.exe     2.1     PE file dumper
  Extract.exe    1.00    cabinet file extract utility
  Fbc.exe        0.13    FreeBasic compiler [1]
  Fpc.exe        1.0.10  Free Pascal compiler [1][9]
  Fte.exe        0.49    Editor
  Ftp.exe        1.3.2   FTP client from MSYS 1.0.10 [1][3][4]
  Gzip.exe       1.2.4   pack utility from MSYS 1.0.10 [1]
  H2inc.exe      7.0     MS tool
  Heretic 2              game by Raven Software [1][3][7]
  Hexitw.exe     1.57    HexIt (Win32)
  HTWin32.exe    2.0.8   HT, binary file analyzer/viewer
  Ilink32.exe    5.0     linker of Borland's C++ Builder Command Line Tools
  Java.exe       5.0     Sun's Java VM. Console applications only [1]
  Javac.exe      5.0     Sun's Java compiler [1]
  K.exe          0.30    Kinesics text editor
  Kzip.exe       ?.?     PKZIP clone by Ken Silverman
  Ldw.exe        2.9.5   LD, Free Pascal
  Lib.exe        3.4     MS OMF 16-bit librarian
  Lib.exe        5.12    MS COFF 32-bit librarian
  Link.exe       5.60    MS 16-bit OMF linker
  Link.exe       5.12    MS 32-bit COFF linker [2]
  Lzasm.exe      0.47    Assembler
  MakeCab.exe    5.1.26  creates .CAB archives [3]
  Mc.exe         4.1.36  Midnight Commander
  MinGW          3.2.3   GNU GCC C++ compiler, G77 Fortran compiler,
                 3.3.1   G++ C++ compiler [1]
  MinGW          2.13.90 AS assembler, LD linker
  Ml.exe         6.14    MS Masm, assembler
  Ml64.exe       8.00    MS Masm, x64 assembler
  MPlayer.exe    4.1.2   video player [1][3][6][8],
                 4.2.0   needs cmdline options "-ao win32 -vo gl".
  Nasmw.exe      0.98.38 Netwide Assembler
  Nmake.exe      1.62    MS tool
  Open Watcom    1.2-1.7 all binaries in directory BINNT except WD.exe
  Pkzipc.exe     4.0     zip packer/unpacker
  Pngout.exe     ?.?     PNG file size optimizer by Ken Silverman
  PellesC        2.90    Pelles C compiler (POCC.EXE), linker (POLINK.EXE),
                 4.50    librarian (POLIB.EXE), resource compiler (PORC.EXE).
  PoAsm          1.00.35 Pelles assembler
  Psftp.exe      0.58    SFTP client [4]
  Pvw32con.exe   1.14    PictView 32, image converter
  Qemu.exe       0.71    PC emulator by Fabrice Bellard [1][3][8]
  Quake 2                game by Id Software [3]
  Rar.exe        3.0
  Rc.exe         5.0     MS resource compiler
  Rebase.exe             MS tool
  Tar.exe        1.12    GNU tar
                 1.13.19 GNU tar from MSYS 1.0.10 [1]
  Tasm32.exe     5.0     Borland's TASM
  Tdump.exe      5.0     Borland tool
  Telnet.exe     1.3.2   Telnet client from MSYS 1.0.10 [1][3][4]
  Tlib.exe       4.5     Borland tool
  Tlink32.exe    2.0     Borland linker
  Unrar.exe      3.2
  Untgz32.exe    0.95
  Unzip.exe      5.4     Info-ZIP
  Upx.exe        2.0     packer for executables
  Vim.exe        5.8.9   editor from MSYS 1.0.10 [1]
  Vp.exe         2.1.279 Virtual Pascal IDE, except debugger
  Vpc.exe        2.1.279 Virtual Pascal command line compiler
  Wget.exe       1.11.4  GNU WGet [3][4]
  Ws.exe         1.22    Wordster. WordStar-like editor by P. Houle
  Xc.exe         2.51    XDS Modula-2 compiler
  Xcopy32.exe            Windows 98 file copy program [1]
                         (use 'pestub Xcopy32.mod' to create it)
  Xlink.exe      2.6     XDS linker
  Zip.exe        2.31    Info-ZIP

  [1]: requires LFN support to be installed. View Unsupp\LFN.txt for
       more details about how to activate this support for plain DOS.

  [2]: these apps may require a lot of file handles, which is a scarce
       resource in native DOS (set by entry FILES= in CONFIG.SYS, max.
       value is 255). In case an app exceeds this limitation, you may
       get strange error messages, so to avoid problems I would suggest
       to set at least FILES=80.

  [3]: needs HX GUI.

  [4]: requires a packet driver to be installed.

  [5]: needs a DOS ASPI driver and WNASPI32.DLL from Windows 9x.
       View Doc\DKRNL32.TXT for details about HX's ASPI support.

  [6]: requires OPENGL32.DLL (+GLU32.DLL) from Windows 9x.

  [7]: environment variable DPMILDR=16 must be set.

  [8]: to start the binary it might be needed to enter
       "dpmild32 -g <binary_name>".

  [9]: environment variables HDPMI=32, DPMILDR=8 must be set (see B).

  Furthermore, some of the programs in this list may need MS C runtime dlls 

  B. Nested Execution of Win32 Apps in DOS

   Nested execution of Win32 apps with HX may require some additional
  configuration steps. This is because very often the apps cannot share
  an address space due to missing relocation information in the binaries,
  which are needed to load them at any address. The HX tools provide the
  ability for multiple address spaces, but this feature has to be made
  deliberately active by setting both of these environment variables:

    SET HDPMI=32

  The first setting will instruct HX's DPMI host HDPMI to supply each client
  with its own address space, the second instructs HX's PE loader DPMILD32
  to not try to load more than one application in the current client.

  If multiple address spaces are not supported by the DPMI host, but a
  version of the calling app is available *with* relocation info, one can
  possibly rebase this first app by utility REBASE.EXE (Win32 SDK). Thus
  the standard image base address 400000h remains free for the called app.

  Please note that it is sometimes not obvious that a nested execution
  takes place. MS LIB.EXE (COFF), for example, uses LINK.EXE for the
  real work. The same is true for EDITBIN and DUMPBIN. As well, MS LINK
  (COFF) will launch an instance of itself (!) if an export file has to
  be build.

  DosEmu regretably doesn't support multiple address spaces. Setting
  DPMILDR=8 will be useless in this environment.