About ExplorerASM

The reason for ExplorerASM coming into existence was to have available a test platform for self-written shell extensions. It wasn't intended as a Windows Explorer substitute (besides the fact that some really crucial features of original explorer are missing in this app).
ExplorerASM is written in ASM using COM. It implements a IShellBrowser interface. Source code is supplied, so you may implement some of the features you ever missed in original explorer. Please tell me about such work.
The shell extensions supported by ExplorerASM are plugins based on COM interfaces. Examples for such extensions are
  • RegView, a namespace extension which allows to view the registry inside Explorer.
  • SERegEdt, a context menu extension which allows to edit the registry entries related to a file extension inside Explorer.


As you may notice, ExplorerASM looks a bit like the classic Windows Explorer. All text in ExplorerASM is in english, the german text you may see here is because the app is running on a german Win9x installation.


Download the latest version of ExplorerASM (Win32)