1. About COMView

COMView is a tool for viewing and handling Windows COM (Component Objects Model) things.
It is intended to be used by programers, although it might also be useful for experienced end users.
The following functions are included:
  • shows COM related entries in the registry
  • build in registry editor to modify these entries
  • consistency check of COM related registry information
  • shows type library information
  • can generate assembly include files (Masm style) from type libraries
  • "dispatch helper" assembly includes (Masm) may be generated to simplify using IDispatch and events.
  • COM objects can be created and interfaces exposed are shown
  • OLE container is implemented allowing to view and test OLE/activeX controls
  • object properties may be edited and methods be executed.
  • object model exposed by an application/control may be walked.
  • may connect to source interfaces and display events
Please note: to get benefits from using COMView it is expected to be familiar with COM basics, there is no tutorial included in COMView.

2. Screenshots

1. COMView's main window
2. COMView showing Media Player's Type Library
3. COMView has created a Media Player object
4. Connecting to one of the object's event interfaces
5. COMView showing the Media Player object's properties
6. The object's properties can be changed ...
7. ... and the object's methods be executed
8. If a method needs parameters, COMView will query them...
9. In COMView's Log window one can see the code to run methods/edit properties
10. COMView showing the Media Player object's view


COMView v2.9.12 02/25/2011 binary change log